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McLain Teacher Uses Black History Month to Inspire Pride

McLain High School is filled with proud students, faculty, and staff. One teacher, motivated by her pride of Black History Month, celebrated the month in a creative way: constructing a mural to go on her door.

Special education teacher Resha Williams-Vo used construction paper and chalk to create a picture of an African-American woman with motivational phrases surrounding her. The message she wants to portray is beauty, self-confidence, and positivity. She believes there is a lot of negativity revolving around minorities in the news and on social media, so she created the mural so students, teachers, and staff can see something beautiful day that instills pride into them.

Photo of McLain taker black history month door design

Resha really wanted to display the natural hair in her design to deliver a message to young African-American women that beauty can come from their natural hair.

She also wants her students to know they are strong.

"Our students and staff are so resilient because we have to bounce back from adversity daily. This makes us stronger, and stick together as a family. No matter what we face, we need to continue to know no one is better than us, and, with the proper support, love, and guidance, you too can be whatever you want to be," she said.

Resha, a Tulsa native, was raised a block away from McLain. She attended Booker T. Washington with hopes of working with children, but it didn't work out that way at first. Resha worked for an IT company for more than 27 years before retiring. She then started substitute teaching part-time at McLain, which led to a full-time position a year later.

Now, Resha is one of many outstanding McLain staff working hard to educate students with and without books and using creative ways, like her mural, to instill not only school pride, but self-pride and self-love into her students.

Resha also gave her students a project where they designed a portrait of former president Barack Obama, which is still featured in the school's hallway. 

Photo of Barak Obama created by McLain students.