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Additional Information

Student Learning

Student Learning and Performance

Goal: Each student will exceed state and national standards by demonstrating mastery of a rigorous curriculum.

Tulsa Public Schools’ Behavior Response Plan provides a scaffolding of services in a Response to Intervention (RTI) design that incorporates research-based interventions to support student success. The strategies have been designed to align with the philosophy and practices of the Positive Behavior Support programs used by many of the District sites. The goal is to help students in their development as mature, able, knowledgeable and responsible individuals. 

The Four-Tiered Intervention Process

The TPS plan to support student success involves strategies for responding to unacceptable behaviors on four “tiers,” or levels, that are organized based upon where the student can best learn to understand and correct inappropriate behavior. 

Attendance Policy

Tardy Policy

Tardiness to class is not acceptable.  Students arriving to a class after the tardy bell has rung will receive consequences aligned with the McLain High School Tardy Policy.  A student who is more than 30 minutes late to class will be counted absent from that class.

Classrooms will be locked when the tardy bell rings. Teachers will issue a tardy if a student is late to class.  They will mark tardy in PowerSchool.

1st tardy = Verbal Warning

2nd tardy = Verbal Warning

3rd tardy = Parent/student Phone Conference

4th tardy = Detention

5th and additional tardies = Referral to the deans’ office/Detention

*Random tardy lock-out sweeps will be conducted.  Students out of class without a pass will be issued detention.

Make-up work

A student will be given the opportunity to make up work missed due to an absence.  However, it is the responsibility of the student, immediately upon his or her return to class from an absence, to request and complete any assignments and or assessments missed because of an absence. Teachers are to have regular make-up policies in place and outlined in their syllabi.

When students have documented/medical absences on file, they are to be given extended deadlines for completing assignments. All deadline dates must be fair and reasonable.

Teachers will provide a reasonable amount of time for students to make-up work.  A rough standard is one to two days of make-up time for every school day missed. Even so, the district generally allows the teacher to determine what is reasonable, given the particular circumstances of a student’s absence and the activities missed. Missed tests and quizzes may be made up outside of class time, usually before or after school or during lunch.

If a student is going to be absent for two or more days in a row, a parent or guardian may contact the counselor for assignments, who, in turn, will contact the teacher for specific work.